2020 July Review and August goals

Review of July

  • I started writing in my gratitude diary that today is a new day with new opportunities. That sort of helped me deal with a crisis in work and helped me set the day on a positive tone.
  • I extended my gratitude diary to the night to write about the things I am grateful for in the day
  • I also started writing my goals (mostly the big ones) as I read that writing down your goals helps you look for opportunities to achieve them
  • I started meditating twice a day and extended mindfulness into daily routines. Looking forward to experiencing visible changes with this extended mindfulness practice.
  • I started keeping my phone inside the locker during working hours which has reduced the number of times I unlock the phone to half. This has not only reduced the mindless browsing and scrolling but also helped in spending the time in focusing on my breath
  • I started learning badminton. For now, I have learnt only wrist movements.

Plans for August



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